10/14/2019: Instructor 2


Fowler Fire Education and West Valley Fire Department


IFSAC Instructor II

This 36 hour program uses an intensive instructional methodology program to prepare the participant for planning and developing all aspects of course curriculum. The course also includes; needs analysis, task analysis, course goals and objectives, lesson plan development, instructional support materials, and evaluation instruments. This course meets the competency standards established by the NFPA 1041, Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications, Instructor II. Upon completion of this course candidates will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Washington State Instructor II certification testing process.

Major topics covered in the course are; planning instruction, five-step process for planning and training management, needs analysis, course objectives, and task analysis. Lesson plan components include; formats, creating, modifying, adapting, and using lesson plans. Topics also include; testing and evaluation, management and supervision of training, policies records, scheduling, standards, recruiting and selecting instructors, and budget and resource management. Methods of instruction include; lecture, discussion, classroom exercises, audio/visual material, learner presentations/reports, a research paper, observations, development and presenting a training program.

Dates: Oct 14 - 18, 2019

Time: 0800 – 1700 each day

Location: West Valley Fire Department

    10000 Zier Road
    Yakima, WA 98908

Point of Contact: Marty Fowler

    Phone: 206-931-4683

Required Text: IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Instructor 8th Edition STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY

Pre-Requisites: IFSAC Fire Instructor I

Tuition: $450 – Includes Class, Handouts, Quiz’s, Class projects and Final IFSAC Testing within a 36 hour course of study.

Class Size: 10 students minimum, 25 students maximum

Registration: Please e-mail or phone registrations to the contact listed above