July 23, 2018 - Fire Officer 2


Fowler Fire Education and Benton County Fire District 1


IFSAC Fire Officer II - NFPA 1021

The objective of this 40-hour course is to provide the student with training in company operations and administration that enhances the entry-level company officer training course. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to effectively manage; human resources, community/public relations, fire department organization and administration to include; budgets, reports, planning, fire inspection, investigation, public education, emergency service delivery, and safety. (NFPA Standard 1021, Fire Officer Professional Qualifications.)

Major topics covered in the course are; human resource management, managing affirmative action, government agencies, supervisor and subordinate interaction, the budgetary process, information management systems, health and safety, fire safety inspection, public fire education, specialized fire protection equipment, organizational communications, strategic planning, and tactics.

Methods of instruction include lecture, discussion, classroom exercises, case studies, audio/visual material, learner presentations/reports, quizzes, final IFSAC written examination, and Practical examination.

Dates: July 23 - 27, 2018

Time: 0800-1700 each day

Location: Benton County Fire District 1

    1811 S Ely St.
    Kennewick, WA 99337

Point of Contact: Marty Fowler

    Phone: 206-931-4683
    Email: marty@fowlerfire.com

Required Text: IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services COMPANY OFFICER (5th edition) - STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY

Pre-Requisites: IFSAC Fire Officer I

Tuition: $475 - Includes Class, Handouts, Quiz's, Class projects and Final IFSAC Testing within a 40-hour course of study

Class Size: 10 students minimum, 25 students maximum.

Registration: Please e-mail or phone registrations to the contact listed above.